Motorcycle Lawyer

Below Are a Few Examples of Results
We Have Obtained for Our Rider/Client




  1. $6.5 Million Motorcyclist v Doe Dairy Farm Corp.
    Goldwing motorcycle rider was traveling on a two lane country road in Northern California. The rider came around a corner and struck a cow in the middle of the road. He was paralyzed from the waist down. We sued the dairy farm corporation for failing to fix a barbed wire fence which they knew about but failed to repair, allowing the cow to escape.
  2. Eight Figure Settlement (details protected by confidentiality clause)
    Southern California rider pushed underneath a big rig which amputated his leg. Eight figure settlement, the details of which are protected by a confidentiality clause.
  3. $2.2 Million Settlement Coll v MacNamara
    Automobile turned left in front of rider. Major orthopedic injuries.






  1. $175,000
    Motorcyclist stopped for red light and was rear ended by automobile. Broken tail bone and neck injury.
  2. $250,000
    Automobile cut across five lanes of traffic to off ramp. The motorcyclist was forced off the shoulder and suffered two broken collar bones and knee injury requiring surgery.
  3. $125,000
    Left turn accident on Bouquet Canyon Road, causing a broken hand and elbow. Hand surgery was required.




  1. $15,000
    Left-hand turn. Client suffered a fractured leg. The defendant had a $15,000 policy and no assets.
  2. $65,000
    Illegal lane change into motorcyclist who went down. Foot peg punctured inside portion of left ankle.
  3. $15,000
    Motorcyclist sitting in parking lot on his motorcycle when vehicle backed into his bike. The rider tried to keep bike from falling and tore a muscle in his back. The defendant had a $15,000 policy and no assets.